Sober Living Toronto

New Beginnings Sober Living

We are a private residential Sober Living facility for Men recovering from alcohol and drug dependency. We provide a client centred approach, including One on One Counselling Therapy, Group Counselling, 12 Step, Relapse Prevention & Life Skills.

New Beginnings mission is to transition our clients back into their everyday life, recognize and recover from the effects of addiction and to ultimately live fulfilling and rewarding lives. The opportunity to reunite our client’s back into school, work their families and back into society is nothing short of a miracle. We provide an environment that’s comfortable, secluded and serene, where our clients are able to find the personalized and cohesive care required in building the foundation for long term success.  

Are you or a loved one having problems with addiction? Are you searching for a sober living program that can help right away? For those who need a transition house in Toronto, Sober Living Toronto offers a way out of addiction, and into recovery.

With years of experience helping those facing all kinds of addictions, our sober living home staff is the best in Canada. Each one of us understands how hard it is to go through dependency. In addition, we have the experience and proven methods to help our patients break away from addictions. One of the reasons our sober living home works so well is because of the setting. The entire purpose of our sober living housing is to provide a drug-free environment. That set up greatly assist those with a desire to refrain from drug use and/or alcohol. In fact, sobriety is the number one requirement for the sober living program and housing.

Sober Living Toronto has a top rated 12-step meeting group therapy program. Our staff works with each client to encourage them to participate and take part in those therapy sessions. There are also chores and other responsibilities given to each of the sober living home residents. They include helping to prepare meals, participate in house meetings and avoiding substance usage.


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All Sober Living Toronto residents are required to follow and obey the rules. We also have random, periodic drug testing. That helps to ensure self-restraint, sobriety and abstinence. As a way to give each sober living program participant a new outlook towards the future, we also help them prepare in several ways. We offer assistance in finding employment, completing school and aid in putting all their financing issues in order.

As the days go by in the sober living home, residents begin to feel more in touch with the real them. The reality of soberness becomes a welcome awareness that awakens the need to be sober and stay sober. Through interactions in the program and help from our expert addiction counselors, participants begin to take a new outlook towards the future. We help instill problem solving skills that will be detrimental to their sobriety and success on the outside. Our program also helps build confidence in each of them to become better at new decision making.

Sober living homes and programs are very different than halfway houses. Unlike halfway houses, sober living housing do not limit the duration of the residents. Sober living houses are also funded by the individual and not the government. Some halfway houses often let sex offenders or violent criminals be part of their residency.

When it’s all said and done, becoming sober is the most important step any addict can make. Without joining a sober living program, the end results of addiction often end up atrociously. And in some cases, even tragically. Let Sober Living Toronto help you or your loved one finally beat their dependency. We are the experts who know what it takes to assist in defeating addiction for good. Call or visit us today to find out how we can help you or your loved one begin the road to recovery