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The Process of Finding and Choosing a Sober Living Home

When you or a loved one is ready to leave addiction treatment and start sober living, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are many options for sober living homes, and each has unique benefits and challenges.

This blog post collates insights from our experienced sober living experts. We’ll explore the process of finding and choosing a sober living home that’s right for you or your loved one.

We’ll discuss what factors to consider, how to research different homes, and how to make the final decision. With careful planning and consideration, you can choose a sober living home that will provide support and structure during this important transition period.

Here’s where to start.

Define Your Needs – What Kind of Support Do You Need to Stay Sober?

Staying sober is an overwhelming task for many individuals. Achieving and maintaining sobriety requires a framework and recovery management skills to handle triggers and cravings, form supportive relationships, and build a foundation of self-care practices.

Addiction recovery and seamless transition into a sober living home start with awareness of your recovery needs. Whether it’s finding support structures or attending counseling sessions, identifying what is required to stay sober starts by recognizing your individual needs.

Ask yourself “what activities bring me peace and solace?” or “what thought patterns prevent me from relapsing?”. The answers to this question will help you understand what kind of guidance you require. This process offers insight into which resources are available to enhance your recovery during your sober living journey.

Do Your Research – Ask Around and Look Online for Reviews of Different Sober Living Homes

Research is essential to finding and choosing the perfect sober living home. Taking time to ask around in your community and look online will help you gain valuable insight into each facility before committing to one.

Gather firsthand accounts by talking with former and current residents of sober living homes on your list. You can also talk to those close to them. Take your due diligence one step further by researching the residence online. Through this process, you can read reviews and get a better sense of the environment, ensuring you have chosen a safe and supportive spot for your sober living journey.

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Make a List of Potential Sober Living Homes that Meet Your Needs and Budget

When looking for a sober living home, it’s important to list potential options that meet your needs and budget. Consider these factors when selecting a place, you think will suit your needs;

  • Location
  • Amenities offered
  • Program structure
  • Cost estimates

Start by researching locations near you and exploring house rules and meal schedules before creating a list with the benefits each sober living house offers. Contact each potential house for more information about their services and talk with someone with experience at the facility to learn more.

After compiling your list, compare each home side-by-side to determine which one best suits your lifestyle and budget.

Visit Each Home and Ask Questions to Get a Feel for The Place

When researching sober living homes, seeing a place in person is invaluable in gaining a better understanding of the facility itself and the people managing it. In-person visits are key to finding and choosing the best sober living home.

It allows you to observe what kind of environment they provide and how they will support you in your recovery journey. Ask questions from staff members and current residents, such as what services are offered, what house rules are enforced, and how long most reside.

These answers will help you get a clear picture of what an individualized experience looks like at each home and will make it much easier to choose one best suited for your needs.

Choose the Right Sober Living Home and Commit to It

Making the life-altering decision to commit to a sober living home isn’t easy, and when it comes to choosing one that feels right for you, only you can decide which is most suitable.

You’ll want to ensure the environment is comfortable and supportive. You want to be surrounded by people who understand what you’re going through and can provide peer support.

Researching different options carefully and making your selection should provide peace of mind that the home you choose will encourage positive transformation in your life while providing the structure needed to begin the long journey of recovery.

Once you commit to a sober living home, dedicate yourself fully to this path and make every effort possible to succeed.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the right sober living home is an important step in your recovery journey. By defining your needs and visiting each potential home on your list, you can make sure you find a place that feels right for you and gives you the best chance of success. Remember, this is a big commitment – but if you’re ready to make it, we know you can do it!

And we can help. We offer top-rated sober living homes with wholesome, supportive environments and access to the best staff. Visit our facilities today or call (949)541-5611 to talk to a local advisor for free